Referee blew up full-time whistle Twice before 90′

Janny Sikazwe, a Zambian referee, stole the show on Wednesday when he refereed the African Cup of Nations match between Tunisia and Mali.

The official, who was previously suspended by CAF in 2018 on suspicion of corruption, made some questionable decisions during the Group F match.

The terrible judgment that caused the Tunisian bench to walk to the pitch in protest was Sikazwe’s decision to blow the full-time whistle in the 85th minute.

Four minutes later, in the 89th minute, the referee blew his full-time whistle before regular time was up again, but this time he stayed to his judgment.

The Tunisian coaching staff encircled all of the officials, causing chaos, but Sikazwe stayed firm as police and security surrounded the Zambian.

Mali won 1-0, however CAF authorities decided that both sides should come out and play the final five minutes of the match again after much discussion.

Tunisia, on the other hand, chose not to congratulate Mali on his victory.

referee blows final whistle before 90 min



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