Mason Greenwood arrested on suspicion of rape and assault

Greater Manchester Police released a statement.

Following photos uploaded on social media by his girlfriend Harriet Robson, Mason Greenwood was arrested on suspicion of rape and assault on Sunday. A series of photos of her injured body, as well as an audio recording, were posted to her Instagram story.

On Sunday evening, Greater Manchester Authorities released a statement announcing that the Manchester United player had been held while the police investigated the incident.

“Earlier today (Sunday 30 January), Greater Manchester Police was made aware of online social media photographs and videos posted by a woman describing episodes of physical assault,” the statement began, without naming Greenwood.

“An investigation was initiated, and we can confirm that a guy in his 20s has been arrested on suspicion of rape and assault as a result of our inquiries. He is still being held in detention for interrogation. The investigation is still ongoing.

Manchester United’s statement on Greenwood

In a statement, the player’s club explained that he had been suspended from all first-team squad activities. This comment was made before the local police department confirmed his detention.

“Until further notice, Mason Greenwood will not return to training or play matches,” Manchester United said.


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