Christian Vieri, one of the best attackers of his generation, was once the most expensive player on the planet. Christian gained a position that few individuals could do because of his unmistakable pedigree and his consistency and dedication as a goal-scorer. When considering his era in football history, Christian’s name stands out because he behaved as a world-class player while playing as a journeyman, allowing no one to realize his full potential.

Christian Vieri is well-known as a legendary striker with a unique playing style, therefore it’s no surprise that there are numerous outstanding facts about him. It will be a fantastic opportunity for those who were born during Christian’s time and have at least heard of Christian’s name, as well as those who are younger, to learn more on and off the field about Christian Vieri.Full Name:

  • Nickname: Bobo
  • Date of Birth: 12 July 1973
  • Place of Birth: Bologna, Italy
  • Nationality: Italian
  • Age: 48
  • Height: 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)
  • Weight: 84 kg
  • Wife: Costanza Caracciolo
  • Playing Position: Striker
  • Some Senior Career Top Teams: Inter Milan, A.C. Milan, Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Atlanta, Monaco
  • National Team: Italy U21, Italy
  • Number: 32 (ACF Fiorentina/ Forward), 36 ( AS Monaco FC/ Forward)

christian vieri atletico madrid

Christian Vieri Childhood

Vieri was born in Bologna, Italy, in 1973, and spent his youth there with his parents, Roberto Vieri, Nathalie Rivaux, and his brother, Massimiliano Vieri. They lived in South Western Sydney after moving to Australia in 1977, and he attended Prairiewood High School there. His father was a footballer who played for Wetherill Park, a Sydney-based team. Meanwhile, Christian developed a passion for both football and cricket, both of which he continues to follow.

Christian was so passionate about cricket that he said in an interview that he had always aspired to be a professional cricketer. Christiano, his brother, and his father all played for Marconi Juniors, Marconi Stallion, and Marconi International, respectively, before returning to Italy. There are little details regarding Christian Vieri’s childhood, but he was a gifted football player who got his father’s nickname, Bobo, from those days.

Christian Vieri’s wife

Christian Vieri’s wife is Costanza Caracciolo, a stunning TV celebrity, despite all the stuff on many sites concerning Christian’s relationship with Jazzma Kendrick, Melissa Satta, Elisabetta Canalis, Elena Santarelli, Debora Salvalaggio, and Fernando Lessa. The adorable blond girl was born in Sicily and began her career as an Italian showgirl, model, and influencer when she was a toddler. After dating numerous attractive women, including Elisabetta Canalis, George Cloony’s ex-partner, and Melissa Satta, a model, the famed ex-footballer, known as a ladies’ man, met the blond beauty girl, Costanza Caracciolo, and fell in love with her right away.

vieri and wife

Despite dating in 2003, they did not marry until 2017. Christian and Costanza, who was 16 years younger, have been inseparable since then. Costanza’s super-social page, which is full of colors, style, and inspiration, reflects her passion for fashion and her desire to have polished looks. Costanza has the option of building her own bags and tailoring them to fit whatever she wants to wear by O bag while getting colorful and fashionable dressed.

Christian Vieri’s lifestyle

Being a part-time DJ and living on the beach in Miami is enough to make you jealous of Christian Vieri’s lifestyle. Aside from spending time with his fiancée, Costanza, Christian has added beach sports to his list of new hobbies.
His love of beach sports such as volleyball and footvolley inspired him to start the Bobo Summer Cup, an annual competition. The doting father, who scored 236 goals in his career and is renowned as the highest scorer in Serie A and La Liga, as well as the world’s most expensive football player, appears to be in good form and content with his life while tanning on the beach.

vieri lifestyle

Christian Vieri Tattoos

Vieri chose his Kanji tattoos based on their appearance, as he has many on his body. Christian’s top right shoulder has an arrow and a star just above it. Cristian has some Kanji letters under the form that is pointing to its heart.
Christian did not know the meaning of the letters when he chose them; he chose them simply for their appearance. Christian Vieri tattoos are chosen for their beautiful designs and mean ‘Strength, Eternity, Thunder,’ which shocked and delighted Christian. Christian has a sun tattoo on his upper left shoulder in addition to the Kanji pattern.

vieri tattos

Christian Vieri Instagram

Christian Vieri, a 47-year-old former footballer who is involved in a variety of sectors, is active on social media. Christian has three Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook profiles, but comparing the amount of shared posts and followers on Instagram vs the other two platforms shows he is more active on the first.
His Instagram involvement is described by his 3,062 posts and 2.6 million followers. On Christian Vieri Instagram, he has a large number of followers thanks to a variety of images of his girls and wife, memorable sporting events, and some fun hand-made video of himself.

vieri laughing

Interesting Facts about Christian Vieri 

Christian Vieri, the former striker of the Italian club, AC Milan, became one of the first football stars who joined the FIFA’s list for SOS Children’s Villages Ambassador. On 4 November 1999, Christian got the FIFA/SOS ambassador certificate in a ceremony with about sixty national and international journalists. Not only as a task expecting from an ambassador, but also due to his willingness to hold out a helping hand to children and young people, Christian always welcome playing a part in these activities and feels happy by them.

This level of passion led Christian to be very active in his role as FIFA/SOS ambassador. To celebrate Universal Children’s Day, Bobo, a legendary ex-Italian footballer, visited an exhibition and market organized in Milan by SOS Children’s Villages.
Although a player whose name is among the best players of his era got the position by his brilliant performance and memorable goals he scored, usually, in his career history, there are some goals shine more than the other. Christian’s unforgettable goal refers to the time he proposed a strange idea to his teammate, Paulo Futre. Christian had suggested getting a Ferrari 550 Maranello as a gift if he could score three goals in the cup. Due to the close relationship between Futre and the manager at the time, Gil, he could get the consent.

vieri ac milan

The next day, Christian scored one of his goals, which after many years it still places as his most beautiful goal. In the scene, Christian did the most almost impossible things. Though Nikolas Michopoulos, the PAOK goalkeeper, was cashing down an overhit pass, he tried to guide the ball out for a goal kick, Christian could reach the byline in time, stop the ball, and score from an angle over the stricken keeper, which looked impossible to become a goal. Later, Christian expressed the secret of his scored goal to Gazzetta Dello Sport, as never giving up and never thinking about something as an unreachable one.

Christian Vieri as One of the Icons of the 90s

After expressing many top facts about Christian Vieri, now it is time to know more about the noted man’s ability and talents and how he was one of the icons of the 90s.  As one of the most exceptional strikers of his era, and as a player with undeniable pedigree, Christian Vieri was once the most expensive player. His extraordinary plays caused him to be known as a consistent and dedicated goal-scorer.

Christian’s high level of fame and success came from his talent and skills in being a fully agile and opportunistic striker, and additionally, from his keen sense of sight for scoring goals. No wonder why the football world has labeled him one of the greatest Italian strikers of all time and a player with rich and notable goal-scoring prowess. Going through his goals shows how much he had a unique and direct offensive style in his plays and how he could make the audience surprised by blending his power, pace, and solid technical skills.

christian vieri atletico madrid

Besides, the items made a comparison between Christian Vieri and Luigi Riva and Roberto Boninsegna, which earned him the title of “ll Toto”, meaning The Bull, arouse from these notable items. Although the agile player was so good at scoring goals, he was injury-prone in his career, which affected his pace, fitness, and mobility so much in his later career years.

The almost left-foot player was able to score his goals with both feet and his head. Christian was also famous as a large and old-fashioned center forward because he had a robust physical appearance and exceptional aerial skill.

Despite carrying the title of all-time top scorer of headed goals in Italian league history, Christian could assist his teammates. One of his hallmarks was being able to take participate in the build-up attacking players. In addition to all the mentioned factors, being considered as a goal-area threat, Christian was renowned for his accurate and powerful shots.

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