Catfish Volleyball Pro spends 700,000 euros thinking he is dating a Brazilian model

After meeting someone online who used fake images but presented himself as Maya, an Italian volleyball player spent 15 years believing he was dating Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio remotely. 

The case was made public on Tuesday (23), at the request of the player’s family, Roberto Casanega, who gathered proof that he had been involved in a coup.

During this time, Casanega paid out a total of 700,000 euros (4.3 million Brazilian riyals) to the fraudster, who claimed that the money was needed to pay for the treatment of false heart problems.


The footballer even borrowed money to send it to the fraudster, according to the magazine “Il Fato Quotidiano.”

According to the Italian press, an alleged friend of Casanega could have participated in the coup, as he was the one who introduced the two. Also according to O Globo, the fraud was identified by local media only as Valeria.

Valeria denied her involvement in the coup, saying only that she was friends with Maya, when Casanega went to the police station to show her cowardice. The case will be investigated

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