The teenage striker who actually touched the 30

An amazing football story is coming from India. True, it happened seven years ago, but it has only now become a world hit.

The main role is reserved for striker Gourav Mukhi, who received the award for the youngest scorer, even though he was 28 at the time!

What actually happened? While playing for Jamshedpur, Mukhi scored against Bengaluru and at that moment he was registered as a 16-year-old football player. It was believed that a bright future awaited him.

ghurav mukhi

The Football Association and the public believed that he received the award for the youngest scorer in the history of the Indian Super League, but a scam was later discovered – Mukhi is 12 years older, which he later admitted.

The FA of India revoked Mukhi’s award and suspended him for six months.

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