Football kicked into River in Scotland washed up in Netherlands

After washing up on a beach in the Netherlands, a football kicked into the River Tay in Dundee has made international headlines.

A Dundee Athletic defender kicked the ball during a league match at Riverside Drive last month.

It was found two weeks later on an island off the coast of the Netherlands, to the surprise of the amateur team.

Esther Verhees discovered it while jogging along a beach on Vlieland with her partner Paul van Aken.

“Do you miss a football?” she asked on Facebook on Saturday. On the beach in Vlieland, the Netherlands, we discovered one. “It’s been a long journey!”

The entire team, according to team manager Matt Smith, was astonished by the ball’s journey and the team’s unexpected fame.

“A defender got a little bit over excited during the game and hoofed it into the river,” he explained.

Dundee Athletic ball found in Ntherlands

“At the time, I was irritated because I believed £20 had disappeared, but for it to make it all the way to the Netherlands is incredible.”

“It’s gotten a lot of attention and has turned into a bit of an internet sensation.” It’s been fantastic for the team, and we’re all quite pleased.”

“A simple message becomes viral and gets picked up by Scottish and Dutch news sites,” Ms Verhees continued.

“I believe we are all longing for good news that connects us.”

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