Dennis Rodman’s 48 hours in Vegas to become a movie

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman’s infamous 48 hours in Las Vegas in 1998 is to be turned into a feature film.

Playing for the Chicago Bulls at the time, his coach Phil Jackson granted his request to have some time off mid-season and gave Rodman 48 hours’ rest. The player headed for Las Vegas and several days passed before he was heard from again.

Rodman played hard and partied harder. His four days straight of partying will be immortalised in a move titled ’48 hours in Las Vegas’. The Hall of Famer will himself serve as an executive producer on the project.

The legendary trip is alluded to in the Michael Jordan Netflix docu-series ‘The Last Dance’. It came at a time when Rodman was feeling the strain of increased on-court responsibilities while Scottie Pippen was injured.

Rodman asked the coach for a rest and… the rest is history.

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